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New Drugs of 2011 (click to follow link)

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New Drugs of 2014

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Drug Brand Name Usage Dosage Form Class Company Approval Date
Albiglutide TANZEUM Diabetes mellitus Injection Rx GlaxoSmithKline 15 Apr
Apremilast OTEZLA Psoriatic arthritis Tablets Rx Celgene Corp 24 Mar
Belinostat BELEODAQ T-cell lymphoma Injection Rx Spectrum Pharms 03 Jul
Ceritinib ZYKADIA Lung cancer Capsules Rx Novartis 29 Apr
Dalbavancin DALVANCE Antibacterial Injection Rx Durata Therapeutics 23 May
Dapagliflozin FARXIGA Diabetes mellitus Tablets Rx Bristol-Myers Squibb 08 Jan
Droxidopa NORTHERA Orthostatic hypotension Capsules Rx Chelsea Therapeutics 18 Feb
Efinaconazole JUBLIA Antifungal Topical solution Rx Valeant Pharmaceuticals 06 Jun
Elosulfase alfa VIMIZIM Mucopolysaccharidosis Injection Rx BioMarin Pharm 14 Feb
Florbetaben F 18 NEURACEQ Diagnostic agent Injection Rx Piramal Imaging 19 Mar
Metreleptin MYALEPT Lipodystrophy Injection Rx Amylin Pharms 24 Feb
Miltefosine IMPAVIDO Leishmaniasis Capsule Rx Paladin Therapeutics 19 Mar
Ramucirumab CYRAMZA Gastric cancer Injection Rx Eli Lily 21 Apr
Siltuximab SYLVANT Castleman's disease Injection Rx Janssen Biotech 22 Apr
Tasimelteon HETLIOZ Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder Capsule Rx Vanda Pharms 31 Jan
Tavaborole KERYDIN Antifungal Topical solution Rx Anacor Pharms 07 Jul
Tedizolid phosphate SIVEXTRO Antibacterial Tablet and injection Rx Cubist Pharmaceuticals 20 Jun
Testosterone undecanoate AVEED Hypogonadism Injection C-III Endo Pharms 05 Mar
Vedolizumab ENTYVIO Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease Injection Rx Takeda Pharms USA 19 May
Vorapaxar ZONTIVITY Myocardial infarction Tablet Rx Merck Sharp & Dohme 08 May


Rev 07/14